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About a month ago, I achieved one of my jewello dreams: I attended the Original Miami Beach Antique Show.

This massive 5-day event draws dealers, buyers, and enthusiasts from all over the world to create one of the most dynamic, treasure-filled antique shows out there – in a location that’s delightful in late January, especially when one has 29 inches of snow at home.

I’ve wanted to go for years, but I couldn’t exactly take time off from my day job for “a really cool antiques show.” As soon as I became my own boss, attending the Original Miami Beach Antique Show went straight to the top of my list.

Thanks to my antique jewello fairy godmother, the one and only Lenore Dailey, I also had the great privilege of attending the 2016 Jewelry History Series; two days of lectures alllllllll about antique jewello.

There is nothing like being in a room full of people who are as passionate as you are about your favorite thing. It made my nerdy little heart sing, and my new knowledge lent greater context to the treasures I would see over my days at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show.

It also gave me a chance to get to know some of my favorite Instagram buddies IRL, which was a wonderful added bonus. And to try on said buddies’ jewello.

A handful of moonstone rings from Cynthia Findlay antiques!

I thought I was going to like the engraved one the best (and I do really like it) but the cluster ring on my ring finger turned out to be the one I couldn’t tear my eyes away from.

Also mind-bogglingly cool: this early Art Deco necklace from Platt Boutique. The platinum and diamond top reveals a Chinosierie inspiration in the lines of its design and it suspends a spectacularly carved citrine in the shape of a pansy. One of my favorites of the show for sure. Incredible.

Whatever it is, I’m into it.

I think that’s enough for now – don’t want any one post to be toooooooo too long. Come back on Monday for more goodies from the Miami Beach Antique Show!

See something you can’t live without? Drop me a line and let me connect you with the dealer.

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